About Us

What is Portolearn?

Portolearn is one of the world’s leading training providers. We provide online training in Multi-disciplines including but not limited to Executive Management, Sales & Marketing, Languages, Engineering, Medicine, Art & Design, Creativity & Innovation, and Data Science among others, where technologies, best practices and Knowledge are changing rapidly and demand for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply.


portolearn’s mission is to help people around the world acquire the skills they need to succeed achieving their future plans.

Who is it for?

Our students come from all countries around the world! with a main focus on the Arabic Content. Whether you are interested in computer science, languages, project management, marketing, digital marketing, we have the course for you

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Learn what really matters

With our platform, you’ll have many courses authored by leading experts. It’s relevant, in-depth content that goes beyond the fundamentals to teach you the needed skills. And with career path, you can choose courses aligned to your unique career goals or projects.

Building the future

As you build your career, you need a learning solution that inspires you to create the future. With our platform, you can learn better, stay supported, and gain in-demand skills in the areas of your career path.

No one likes to get stuck

Reach your target, faster. With on-demand, one-to-one mentoring, you can call up an expert and interact via our platform that includes audio & video chat, files upload, screen share, pdf annotation and white board and more to overcome roadblocks and accelerate your learning. And with our mobile application you can attend anywhere and keep updated.

Our story

We believe in people happiness !! So we decide to work on raising their skills to increase their work capacity. This will increase their chance to compete and build a better future. We established the mission in 2016 through catering in-house instructor led courses in addition to online courses, in 2017 we decided to launch a fully dedicated online platform using the latest online virtual classroom technology, to cater online live interactive courses.