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Difference Between PMP & Prince2

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What is Difference Between PMP and PRINCE2 ?

Firstly, We will check the prerequisites of PRINCE2® vs PMP®, then the exam cost of PRINCE2® vs PMP®.

Secondly,  the exam format of both, and finally how to maintain certification on PRINCE2® and PMP®.
Prerequisites of PRINCE2® vs PMP®

PMP® Exam eligibility, as set by Project Management Institute (PMI®),
Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent), and 7,500 hours leading.

And directing projects in addition to 35 hours of project management formal training.
OR a four-year degree and 4,500 hours leading, and directing projects in addition to 35 hours of project management formal training.

PRINCE2® certification requirement:
There is no prerequisites for taking PRINCE2®-Foundation certification. The only recommendation is to possess project management experience and certain training.
The PRINCE2® Practitioner certification exam requires you to pass the Foundation exam or possess another project management certificate like PMP®.
Briefly, when we compare the eligibility requirements of PRINCE2® vs PMP®, we find that PMP® requires more prerequisites than PRINCE2®.
Exam Cost of PRINCE2® vs PMP®

Exam cost of PMP® certification:
The exam cost for the PMP® certification is 555USD (for Non-PMI® Members) and 405USD (For PMI® Members). The PMI® membership costs 129+10USD. The exam cost may appear to be expensive, it’s worth it.

Exam cost of PRINCE2® certification:
The cost of the PRINCE2® exam varies across the globe. I advise you to check the price as per the country you are residing.

Exam Format of PRINCE2® vs PMP®

Exam format of PMP® Certification:
The PMP® certification exam contains 200 questions and lasts for 4 hours, Closed Book, No Announced Passing Mark.

Exam format of PRINCE2® Certification:
The PRINCE2®-Foundation certification exam lasts for 60 minutes and requires the PRINCE2® aspirant to battle 60 multiple choice questions, Closed Book, Passing Mark is 55%.

15 minutes Extra Time is given to the non-native speakers.
The Prince2® Practitioner certification exam is a scenario-based exam. The PRINCE2® aspirant is tested for 68 questions with a time limit of 2.5 hours, Open Book (you may use the Official Prince2® Manual only), Passing Mark is 55%.

38 minutes Extra Time is given to the non-native speakers.
Maintaining your Credential PRINCE2® vs PMP®

Maintaining PMP® Certification:
A PMP® certified requires to renew his/her PMP® certification in a cycle of 3 years. One needs to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDU) for the upkeep of the PMP® certification.


Maintaining PRINCE2® Certification:
The PRINCE2® Foundation certification never expires.
However, the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification has to be revalidated after 5 years. For revalidation of the PRINCE2® credential, the professionals will have to complete and pass the PRINCE2® re-registration examination within 3-5 years, after the successful completion of the PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification exam.

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