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Is it enough duration? Obstacles facing the Exam Preparation!!

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People are always asking, is it enough to take the formal training as it is advertised by the training providers?

I will follow my same analytical approach, let’s go through the design followed by the skills needed to overcome the exam obstacles.

The Design
The International certifications are intended to be acquired by Professionals in the field with years of experience in a standard Project Environment, so in a short time they can acquire the terminology and the overall idea, accordingly they become able with a short training to sit for the exam.

In the Middle East, if you have been working for a while with a multi-national company that is applying standard Project Management Procedures, then you will be eligible to sit for the exam after the required hours or in other words with less effort. However, if you are not, then you will need more time to comprehend and connect the details.

The Skills to overcome the exam
Many of those who are trying to acquire the Project Management Certifications need to know that there is a set of skills needed for the exam:
1- On top of all, strict time management
2- Exam taking techniques (solving the questions you know first, don’t waste your time staring at questions that take too long reading, eliminate wrong answers to minimize choices, …etc.) article: Exam taking techniques
3- Reading Skills including Context Comprehension
4- Language Skills for the Prince2® as it is not catered in Arabic
• The PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation and Practitioner examinations are currently only available in English and German. (https://www.axelos.com/certifications/prince2)
5- The PMP® Arabic support entails that you quick read the Arabic translation of the PMBOK to get acquainted with the terminologies in Arabic, also it is only a language support so you have to open the Arabic support, read it then answer the question in English, so it might waste part of the exam time, accordingly it needs faster progress through the exam.
6- Good knowledge and understanding of the content of the Text book and the best practices and case studies.

The certification exams are achievable if you are trained and mentored by professionals, went through the proper coaching phase, more time of exposure to formal training in order to digest the knowledge and make connections, go through case studies and project simulation, Hands on activities.

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