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SCAM or NOT a SCAM, PMP® & Prince2® Certifications Review

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Many People ask about the difference between PMP® and Prince2®, Others started believing it’s a scam! others say it is not applicable in the middle east. In the next few lines I will present an opinion that might be helpful to many of you, so let’s go through some important points, the purpose, the implementation & the standard.

The Purpose
In our first point we will discuss why you need to learn and study and acquire the Project Management certification. Many people around the world are doing things differently using different terminologies, so the communities of Project Managers decided to create a standard for their practices out of their best practices in order to minimize risk and cost and time while increasing quality and chances of project success.

Accordingly, they created a standard for handling the details and creating a common language to support project managers share knowledge and experience and best practices, also support young organizations become mature by implementing such practices.

In order to become part of this community and use the existing knowledge, you need the terminology and the details & also to understand how the system works. And here comes the point where you have to learn and study. Now, to validate that you are on the right track you need to pursue certification, this will also support your credentials for the future.

The requirements
There are Minimum requirements for every certification that must be achieved in order to go through the certification exam and these are indicated in the links below
 PMP®
 Prince2®

Many people believe achieving these requirements is the ceiling of their reach but on the contrary it is the ground or in other words the minimum, for example, the PMP® requires 35 PDUs (formal training hours), most of the providers offer only a maximum of 35 PDUs, but can you get more? definitely yes, what if you attended 60 hours so you might get from 45 to 60 PDUs depending on the catered curriculum.

Another example includes an option to use the official book in the Prince2® Practitioner exam, While many people believe that it is a must to buy the book in order to attend the exam, I can say clearly that it is not a must, it is only a helping tool in case you need to go back and check some regular knowledge, because the whole exam is situational which means that it depends on scenarios, so you can go take the exam without the Manual.

The implementation
In this Part of my discussion I will target the implementation of both certifications, but first we need to understand that the acquisition of any certificate doesn’t make you a successful Project Manager, you need many interpersonal skills in order to become one.

The selection of a certain certificate depends on the culture of project Management you are part of, in easy words:

If you have a full control over the project and the only superior is the Sponsor then you freedom to tailor your project the right way for you and your deliverables, so you need to learn how to handle every detail so the PMP® is a Must, then you will need to study the Prince2® on the side to be able to handle the project organization using a clear methodology.
But if you are working in an environment where there is a Management Umbrella like a Corporate, Project Controlling board etc… (ex. all government Projects and any other similar setting) then Prince2® is a Must to be able to apply the Organization methodology in a controlled environment where the ultimate decision is not yours as a project manager it is the Executive’s, then you will study PMP® on the side in order to acquire the tools that will support you handle many aspects of the project.

Link to: Is it enough duration? Obstacles facing the Exam Preparation!!

The Conclusion

Certifications are not a SCAM but you need to answer 3 questions:
1- Why am I getting certified? and What is my next step afterwards?
2- Which certificate should I Pursue?
3- Where should I seek Proper training?

Thank you for reading

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