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PMP Questions & Answers

Ahmed Y. Abdelaziz

Founder & CXO of Portolearn

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pmp Q&ASThe PMP®, or Project Management Professional, is an exam conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, is a globally recognized certification.
The PMP exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that outline the five process groups based on
the PMBOK Guide 6 th Edition, as follow:
1. Initiation,
2. Planning,
3. Executing,
4. Monitoring and Controlling, and
5. Closing.

The PMBOK Guide 6 th Edition has 10 knowledge areas, as follow:
1. Integration,
2. Scope,
3. Schedule,
4. Cost,
5. Quality,
6. Resource,
7. Communications,
8. Risk,
9. Procurement, and
10. Stakeholders.

And, as we mention above that the exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions and there are 25
questions of them are pretest questions and affect the candidate’s score in the exam final result
whatever you answer it right or wrong.
Passing the exam is challenging and can be easy to pass if you follow a good plan with an experience
mentor like Ahmed Y. Abdelaziz videos after conducting a One-2-One study plan based on your
objectives and your capabilities.

You will need to take a PMP Question and Answers course with 2000 questions with explanations in
order to be prepared for the real test. This course will give you a real experience that you need in order
to pass the actual exam on your first try.
Almost all PMP exam questions are case scenarios, which will test your ability to choose the best
answer. The 8 (Simulators) mock exams in this course are mostly scenarios and are formatted just like
the actual exam.

The PMP Question and Answers will teach you and guide you to improve your skills and experience of
selecting the best answer.
All questions come with a detail explanation of why a choice was correct and why the others were

The PMP Question and Answers course contain a questions by process groups the following resources:
1. Initiation (100 Questions),
2. Planning (400 Questions),
3. Executing (400 Questions),
4. Monitoring and Controlling (350 Questions), and
5. Closing (50 Questions).

Also, we have a group of questions by 10 knowledge areas, as follow:
1. Integration (50 Questions),
2. Scope (50 Questions),
3. Schedule (50 Questions),
4. Cost (50 Questions),
5. Quality (50 Questions),
6. Resource (50 Questions),
7. Communications (50 Questions),
8. Risk (50 Questions),
9. Procurement (50 Questions), and
10. Stakeholders (50 Questions).

And finally, you will get about 200 questions for the Project Management Framework that cover the first
three chapters in the PMBOK Guide 6 th Edition
And by the end of the course you will have an access to 8 (Simulators) mock exams. 200 questions each
with 1600 questions in total and 4-hour time limit to complete each exam.
Scenario based questions that challenges your ability to choose the best answer, just like the real exam.
The most realistic exam questions you can find Exam like simulator to give you the look and feel of
taking the actual exam.

These questions have taken an extensive amount of time to create and is currently used by thousands of
our students to pass the PMP on their first try. Review all question and understand the answers and you
will also pass the exam on your first try.
Who this course is for:
All students wishing to pass their PMP on the first try.

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Ahmed Moharram Sharaf


portolearn is sharing brilliant sessions with real life examples, focus on learning the concepts, not memorising the content. it’s highly recommend to take PM courses with professional instructors like Eng. Ahmed Yousry who is very helpful with all students. Good luck for everyone.

Sami Atta


Portolearn is a very professional e-learning site and ha a professional coaches and instructors.
please visit and you will be sure yourself.
It is highly recommended to take your courses there with professional coaches and instructors.

Hala Habib Nafea


Pmi-acp course by eng. Haythem Zaki was a great experience. Excellent, knowledgeable and professional instructor. Very organized materials. Flexible and supportive platform by portolearn.

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Ahmed Y. Abdelaziz

Founder & CXO of Portolearn

Professional experience since 2001, in the IT Solutions Development field, Functional Business Support, Consulting Services, Project Management and Service Management.

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PMP Questions & Answers